Meet the Team

Our passion and dream is to educate those who have no access to proper education and ensure job placement in the industry which makes up 95% of business in Franschhoek and Western Cape. Our goal is to provide world class skills development and training in Hospitality that leads to future employment. We believe everyone deserves a chance at a better future.

And so it begins.

Michaela Julian - Founder & Trustee

My husband and I moved to Franschhoek in 2016, bought The Corner House Guesthouse, fully refurbished it and are thrilled to live here and run and improve our little guesthouse after spending 10 years in Asia in Senior Management roles.

My passion is training and growing people; I see the need for further education in our beautiful region. I hope we can improve the life of those living around us, working for us and their children.

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Tarryn Corlett - Founder & Trustee

"I am passionate about Charity and work that makes an impact in society. It's in my blood! We need to bridge the education gap within this industry, to develop skills and educate and provide employment opportunities with our partners within Restaurants, Wine Farms, Guest Houses and Hotels. Giving South Africans the opportunity to an internationally recognised education is such an amazing opportunity. This project model will be developed for other towns within South Africa if we can make a success of the Academy in Franschhoek."

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Jeremy Davids - Manager & Trainer

Jeremy, is a son of the Valley and proudly South African. He believes that Franschhoek is the most beautiful Valley in the world, filled with very talented people. This talent needs to be identified, nurtured and developed so that we all can make a positive and lasting impact in our diverse communities. This is precisely the reason why we chose him to Manage and Train our 20 Students in 2018.

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Shaneill Jefthas - Assistant Trainer & Logistics Co-ordinator

Our Team is growing, along with the success of the Franschhoek Hospitality Academy. We would like to welcome Shaneill Jefthas to our Team! She will be assisting our Trainer & Manager, Jeremy, in changing the lives of our 20 students!


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Ambassador & Chef Trainer, Jean Pierre Smith

Patron Chef Jean Pierre Smith, recently joined the Franschhoek Hospitality Academy & Learning Centre team, as our new Chef who will be taking all the Classes related to the Kitchen, twice a week. (Prepping, Hygiene, Cooking and certain F&B modules!) We are incredible lucky to have the support from him and we value his knowledge and contributions to the Academy and our Students.

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Brian Moor - Consultant

Brian is actively involved in the "Hope Through Action" initiative which primarily uses sport as a conduit for disadvantaged children to learn life skills and participate in a variety of other positive skills development activities. He is also a member of the Franschhoek Heritage Committee and a committee member of the Franschhoek Tennis Club.

He is an active member of the Academy's Team and has offered so much of his time and knowledge to ensure that this project is a success.


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Linda Coltart - Ambassador

For the past 19 years I have been very privileged to live and work in one of South Africa’s most famous and desirable valleys, so much so that I feel very protective of “my Franschhoek” and its people.

There is an urgent need to engage, develop and offer training to our Franschhoek youth.  We have a plethora of offerings that require trained staff and what better place than the “Culinary Capital” to provide and offer an education in hospitality.

I am very proud and honored to be associated the Franschhoek Hospitality Academy & Learning Centre!

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Matthew Gordon - Ambassador

Multiple award-winning chef Matthew Gordon is chef patron of the popular French Connection Bistro in Franschhoek. He began his chef's training at the Johannesburg Hotel School and went on to do further stints in London, Vancouver and Tokyo. His food is classically inspired but modern in concept. He has been guest chef in Houston and had the honour of being the first South African chef to be invited to cook at the prestigious James Beard House in New York.  

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Reuben Riffel - Ambassador

Famed and famous not only in South Africa but all over the world. Born in Franschhoek he has shaped the culinary movement of the Franschhoek Wine Valley. Celebrity chef and honorary Ambassador of The Franschhoek Hospitality Academy.

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Chris Erasmus - Chef & Ambassador

Chris Erasmus, owner of Foliage Restaurant in Franchhoek, is not only an Ambassador to our Students, but he is also their Mentor and Teacher with regards to his knowledge and experience with Foraging from that which grows or is produced around us.

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Margot Janse - Ambassador

We are more than honored to have Margot Janse on our board of Ambassadors. After 21 years at the forefront of the South African and international culinary scene Margot put Franschchoek on the map with her magic at Le Quartier Francaise - The Tasting room. Her cuisine is African inspired and was named 36th top restaurant world wide. 

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Susanne Schlie - Volunteer Trainer

Susanne, was born and raised in Namibia. Her mom is a great cook and already as a child, She learnt a lot and loved spending time in the kitchen, learning, experimenting and creating. She will be visiting Franschhoek for 3 months to share her experience and knowledge with our students and we are beyond excited to have her on the team.

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Elke Boever Schmidt - Volunteer

My vision is to build a bridge between economy and the education as I am convinced that this is a win-win-situation for all stakeholder of this beautiful project.

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