About Us

The Franschhoek Hospitality Academy & learning Centre is a registered not-for-profit Charitable Trust Reg no: IT000107/2017(C), NPO 208-586 and PBO: 93005749.

Franschhoek, known as the Wine and Food Capital of the Western Cape, boasts a quaint village where a host of award winning restaurants, hotels, guesthouses, local shops, the Franschhoek monument and museum, wineries and arts and crafts are situated.

However, among all this beauty is a dire need for trained and skilled professionals within the hospitality industry. There isn’t an affordable institution within this area to provide disadvantaged students/staff the right to a well-recognized education and basic training and this is where the Franschhoek Hospitality Academy & Learning Centre comes in.

In a normal circumstance, most Hospitality schools would start at R13, 000 per year just to begin your career within this field. This just isn’t affordable to most people, especially those who live within the Franschhoek Community and surrounding areas.

How wonderful would it be if a mother, who works in one of our great restaurants/hotels/guest houses, could provide her son or daughter with the opportunity to stay in the area and develop and grow into a job within this field while being able to provide an opportunity to sustain his/her family locally?

Not only will this assist the Community and simplify their already strained lives but this would also benefit our fantastic restaurants and hospitality establishments to have local, skilled and well trained staff available at their doorstep without having to incur high HR costs.
And so our journey begins…


The Franschhoek Hospitality Academy & Learning Centre was established by two individuals, Michaela Julian and Tarryn Corlett, who saw a gap within the industry and wanted to do something about it to assist those who can’t afford the opportunity to educate themselves in private/government institution. Being involved within the Guest House Industry, it became apparent that there was a lack of basic training, skills development and hospitality education with our own Staff.

"Today, everything is moving so quickly and workloads are increasing and it is becoming harder and harder for owners of these establishments to find the time to train their staff. Many of us may also have insufficient training and therefore lack the knowledge to teach," says Michaela Julian, Guest House owner, Franschhoek. This is when we decided to find a skills development & training system, that we could offer to the Youth, within the disadvantaged communities, as well as to existing staff within these establishments, at little to no cost. Yes, that's right, an almost FREE hospitality training and skills development platform! So how do we go about this? With the help of Establishments around us, Sponsors, Funders and Supporters, we were able to open our doors in January 2018 at the Franschhoek Community & Sports Centre, in partnership with Hope Through Action and Score. We are now in the process of establishing our own training location...watch this space!

The Franschhoek Hospitality Academy & learning Centre is a registered not-for-profit Charitable Trust Reg no: IT000107/2017(C), NPO 208-586 and PBO: 93005749.