Ambassador & Chef Trainer, Jean Pierre Smith joins the Team

Posted on Wed December 6, 2017.

Patron Chef Jean Pierre Smith, recently joined the Franschhoek Hospitality Academy & Learning Centre team, as our new Chef who will be taking all the Classes related to the Kitchen, twice a week. (Prepping, Hygiene, Cooking and certain F&B modules!) We are incredible lucky to have the support from him and we value his knowledge and contributions to the Academy and our Students.

When you meet chef Jean Pierre Smith, you realize that underneath his soft-spoken manner and quirky smile, there hides a dangerously sharp mind. Patron chef and baker extraordinaire at Lust Bistro and Bakery, Jean Pierre dreams up dishes that embody his ultimate vision for food: simple, fresh and without pretense.

When Jean Pierre speaks about his bread, his eyes light up. He is an esteemed chef who has had many successes as restaurateur and even a stint as chef to David Copperfield and guests – but when you take away all the fancy food jargon, he is an easy-going but dedicated Afrikaner man who wants nothing more than to feed you fantastic food. His food journey only started after finishing a B. Comm. degree in Industrial Psychology and travelling to the UK and South Korea. His heart was set on becoming a chef and he enrolled at the Stellenbosch Institute of Culinary Arts. “ I had no set plan … I’m lucky it turned out the way it did”.

His artisan sourdough breads takes a minimum of three days to make. From conception to starter dough to firing up the magnificent wood-fired oven, he carefully allows the dough to grow and develop a personality –pedantically focusing on the quality, the authenticity and of course… the taste.

There is no space for pretence in Jean Pierre’s kitchen. It is already packed to the brim with exquisite produce, heavenly smells and a lot of heart. We look forward to having his passion at the heart of our Academy!